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Baby Pongo

I was tagged by Martyn, so I thought I’d join in. The rules have changed for 2009.
Please submit a photo of your choice along with 9 facts about yourself!
ANY 9 things will do …. goals, resolutions, things you hold close to your heart!
Pass this invite on to as many friends as you like!
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Here goes:
1. I joined Flickr on 14th February 2007 and became addicted fast.
2. I was born in January, so that makes me a Capricorn.
3. My Favourite colour is blue.
4. I’m vegeterian.
5. Horses and cats are my favourite animals.
6. I live in central Italy.
7. I hate having my photo taken.
8. I was married once… (not doing that again).
9. I love the heat, but ironically I can’t go out in the sun.

Pongo October 2005- August 2010.
My funny furry friend who shared my life for 5 short years. I miss him very much.

If you are a cat person, please read about this disease, don’t find out about it the brutal way I did. Currently there is no cure or vacine available.

Links to information about FIP

Feline Infectious Peritonitis and coronavirus


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