None of us don’t want to live to be 100, but how many of us? Thousands of years, how to keep figure and health is a disputed subject for men and women, and will be continued. With the general improvement of living condition and the rapid development of our social economy as well as the reducing of exercises, the share of fat people in our country has been increasing. Meeting some overweight men even children on the street has been accustomed to the majority. As well known, the fat will affect the healthy, no mention to the figure.

In order to reduce the weight, the primary method many people resort to is to take medicines or go on diet. It is conceivable that the effect is far away from satisfaction. Only relying on the diet and the drugs the side effect will affect quickly. So the experts suggest that the health way to lose weight is diet and sport. As a matter of fact, it is crucial to take enough exercises to keep health and figure. Often take part in activities after work, sound healthy and good shape will be accompanied with you.

But what kind of sport suits to you? Among sports, riding is always popularity. And according to a recent report, riding on one leg is more wholesome than on legs. Riding on one leg is an exercise with rhythmical intensity, not as riding.

Bicycle is one of the best sport equipment benefited for the hearts. Meanwhile riding prevents not only high blood pressure but also the opportunity of fat. So after exercises for some time, your figure will be more attractive. In addition, this sport can make your skills of thought stronger and your mind joyful. Except for all advantages above, riding on one leg with rhythm will consume two times energy compared to riding with even rhythm. Apparently the sport will be in favor for your weight-loss program. If grasping the intensity aerobic exercise, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Now this sport has attracted more and more health-conscious people.

Perhaps some people have no idea how to do. No problem. It is my pleasure to tell you how to ride on one leg. Riding on a scooter you can intermittently strengthen the intensity exercise by the leg on the cadence plate. Certainly don’t try in a hurry. Two legs together with moderate intensity on the plates would be a good starting point for four minutes. Then let your left leg is on the plate for 30 seconds, with high strength cadence, and for the right leg’s turn as a major power. 30 seconds later, with medium force two legs together pedal for four minutes. After four minutes’ adjustment and recovery you can go into the subsequent turn.
Ok! See? It is as simple as that. Let try!

Posted by Let’s Shine on 2010-02-08 02:00:12