There are people who spend thousands of dollars every year on buying beauty or cosmetic products. With the passage of time, aging begins to show its face on health and beauty. However, if one takes good care of health and beauty right from the childhood, then one would not face any problem at all.

This means that though one need not spend thousands of dollars, but with regular cleaning, toning, moisturizing, and scrubbing methods, done at home or salon, one shall be able to stay youthful.

Registered nurse and skin practitioner Francine Oca on blogspot shares a few valuable skin care practices. She works on helping scores of women take good care of their skin through the seasons.

Her work is to help women garner knowledge about their body type and skin type. This is the basic of skin care and without knowing about the type of skin, one cannot progress much.

Sometimes it is due to hormonal issues and at other times, it would be due to the seasonal changes, or even due to exposure to the pollution, that skin might get problems. So as an answer, people might take recourse to cosmetology or dermatology. The specialists dealing with these would be able to do all that science has given to clear the skin.

One has to remember that one has to depend on a little bit of science, and medical science shall be of great help here to clear the skin and rejuvenate it.

If someone has to seek help from the experts in California then Francine Oca can be found on She is a registered nurse and her blog on the skin care and discussions regarding skin treatments shall help everyone.

One has to remember that there could be problems like acne, oily skin, dry skin, and dandruff problems that might be cropping up in winter. Likewise, there are women who believe in injecting Botox or other such treatments just so that they remain young and fresh.

However, these treatments only work if they undergo it from reputed clinics. If they do not, then they shall just cause great damage to the skin in return. The skin specialists shall have to look through the entire list and history of the health of the patient in general before even recommending such treatments. If there are conditions, which are hereditary, or due to poor body constitution, then one has to take extreme care.

This is why women should consult reputed clinics and dermatologists before going for Botox or other such skin treatments.

Sagging skin or skin with prominent pores and facial hair are common problems for which women usually go for treatments. These treatments might be short term or long term depending on the kind of result and the efficacy of the treatment on the person. If the patient does not see any clear result, then she might not even feel like going for it further. Nevertheless, before anything else, one has to take precautions and care for skin all life.

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