The team responsible for Ironlak – AVT Paints – is excited to announce the arrival of Kolour spray paint to North American shores. Having been available in Australia for the past three years, the new-look Kolour is sure to be an essential addition to the American writer’s arsenal as the perfect low-cost tool to complement the existing Ironlak range.
Kolour spray paint is a quick-dry, high opacity gloss acrylic paint developed to cater for the cost-conscious customer. Currently available in 16 kolours, this line offers great coverage and control at a fair price.
Keeping your health and our environment in mind, Kolour is Toluene and Xylene free. This was achieved by using a solvent-base similar to Ironlak, thus avoiding the cheaper, harsher solvents often found in budget aerosols.
Kolour is fully compatible with all Ironlak products.

Posted by Ironlak on 2013-01-10 03:21:24

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