‘the nopalera couple’
… the second last upload in my Nopal Orchard series –
and it’s one of my favorites (((:
just love the movement, the interaction, working hand in hand (((:
note the already wrapped packages…for local- and export markets on the very right.
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INFO on the HEALTH BENEFITS OF NOPAL cactus – taken from the Chosen Foods – Ancient Nutrition website:

What is Nopal?
Nopal is a cactus native to Mexico, botanically classified as Opuntia ficus-indica. The Genus Opuntia describes over 200 cactus species growing worldwide, all of which share the common Mexican ancestor O. ficus-indica The success of Nopal as a food and medicine has kept it an icon of health food in Mexico where more than 700,000 metric tons are consumed annually.

More recently clinical research has found Nopal to be an ancient nutrition for modern illness because of its unique ability to normalize blood sugar, improve digestive health, and protect against inflammation and oxidative stress.

Posted by uteart on 2011-06-23 14:46:00


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