Excerpt from yfile.news.yorku.ca:

The new 160,000-square-foot Life Sciences Building officially opened Thursday on York’s Keele campus, creating opportunities for students and researchers in high-demand disciplines such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry and kinesiology.

The building was made possible through $35 million from the federal government’s Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP) and a matching $35 million from the Ontario government’s 2009 budget. In Ontario, KIP represents a total investment of nearly $2.4 billion to improve infrastructure at post-secondary institutions. The federal government invested $798.6 million in 56 KIP projects, while the province provided $981 million toward 49 of those projects.

The four-storey building has leading-edge technologies for advanced biomedical and cellular imaging, electro-physiology and bio-analysis, and 120,000-square-feet of laboratories, where graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to work and learn. The research facilities will support increased enrollment in high-demand science and health-related disciplines.

The building will also house specialized facilities, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray, mass spectrometry and radioisotope laboratories. The second floor has 40,000-square-feet of biology and chemistry teaching laboratories.

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