Just an impromptu shot of Bella, my rescue cat, as she sits sunning herself in the window with the shadows of the blinds on her. She is a special cat in that she was found as a kitten with her head "stomped on" by some kind individual. Blood was coming from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth and the vets wanted to put her down. A dear animal rescue person convinced the vet to let her try and nurse her back to health, which she did beautifully! (Thank you, Karla!) I saw her and had to have her so now all’s well except for the fact she hallucinates at times, cannot smell things very well and is very scared of men…hmm, wonder why? She’s a wonderful companion and gets along fabulously with my other cat, Cutie Pie. A faithful companion as the other one, no two ways about it.

Posted by moodyfan (Julie) Working on catching up on 2013-08-21 02:02:32

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