Löwenzahn (Dandelion) is a children’s television collection generated and aired by German community broadcaster ZDF on German television. At first conceived and hosted by Peter Lustig the very first episode aired on January seven, 1979 then titled Pusteblume. The very first episode of the retitled collection Löwenzahn aired on March 24, 1981. Just after Lustig’s health-associated retirement, the display was taken-in excess of by actor Guido Hammesfahr (actively playing the new host Fritz Fuchs) in October 2006.

Each 30 moment episode is devoted to a independent challenge or theme and is largely comprised of associated brief featurettes, which clarify, investigate and educate how things of each day lifestyle and even intricate methods do the job. It spans a vast assortment of topics from technologies and industry to something as mundane as how the postal company is effective.

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