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Cabanatuan Prisoner of War (POW) Camp, The Philippines (1942 -1944)- This photograph was provided by Nancy Kragh, daughter of Maj. Clarence White, who was Regimental Surgeon of the 31st Infantry Regt. on Bataan. Picture is probably from Cabanatuan, date unknown. The names are written on the back of the picture. Front row left to right: Maj. Raymond McKinley Williams (S), Lt. Col. William Rhiney Craig (B), Japanese Dr. Konishi, Lt. Col. W. Hinton Drummond (O). Back row left to right: Maj. Harry Leighton VC (E), Maj. Clarence White (E), Capt. Charles Lewis (S), Maj. Karl H. Houghton (S). All of the POWs are medical doctors except Maj. Harry Leighton who was a veterinarian. Information provided by Karl Houghton on February 20, 2004 is annotated in parentheses after each name: "S" = Survived to be liberated at the end of World War II, "O" = died on the Oryoku Maru, "E" = died on the Enoura Maru and "B" = died on the Brazil Maru.

Photo curtesy of the United States Military Academy at West Point for historical research. (Genealogical Research/Husband of first cousin twice removed.)


Maj. Raymond McKinley Williams (Survived)
Birth 3 Nov 1904 in Oklahoma
Death 24 Dec 1979 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California, United States of America.

Raymond M. ("Mac") Williams was born in Pickens, Oklahoma, November 3, 1904.In 1930 he received his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma and served an internship at (Fresno County Hospital) in Fresno, California, (1930-1931).
After four years of practice in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, he was commissioned in the U.S. Army Medical Corps in 1935, and in 1939 was assigned as Chief of Communicable Diseases to the Sternberg General Hospital in Manila, P.I., a 3-year tour of duty.He was still in the Philippines as a Major, Surgeon of the Left Subsector of the First Corps at Bataan, when he was captured by the Japanese on April 9, 1942, and forced, with hundreds of other Americans, to march for 11 days from Bataan to Camp O’Donnell.This was the infamous "Death March", of which he was one of the few survivors.
On June 1 he was moved to camp #1, Cabantuan prison camp, where he was to remain, save for one week in another camp, for the next 2 1/2 years.One of his first actions there, as senior American officer, was to order the scrounging of all possible bits of string.This he used to mark out walkways for every needed trip across the camp, and prisoners were ordered to walk only on the marked paths.

Between 13 December 1944 and 31 January 1945, Williams survived the torpedoing of two prison ships en route to Fukuoka, Japan, where he was to spend 3 months, followed by 4 more in Jinsen, Korea, where he was released by the American Army on September 8, 1945, and returned to the United States.He was awarded the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, and other decorations.
After a period of recuperation, he asked the Surgeon General’s office if there were dermatology residencies available; and in December, 1946, he was sent, not information, but an appointment to the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.He stayed there for two months, followed by 2 1/2 years at Letterman Army Medical Center under the tutelage of Frederick G. "Fritz" Novy, among others, and then 14 more months at Penn, during which he was promoted to Colonel.He then had a 3-year tour of duty at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver, as Chief of Section, Communicable Disease and Dermatology, followed by a 2-year tour at Tripler Army Hospital as chief of dermatology.
He then returned to Letterman, where he opened the Dermatology Clinic and teaching program, and remained there for 4 years.
In 1960 he was assigned to command duty at the 196th Station Hospital, the American Hospital in Paris, France, where his tour was curtailed (for reasons beyond his control) after 1 1/2 years.He then spent two years back at Letterman Army Medical Center and retired from the Army in December, 1963.
He then accepted an invitation to join Harry Arnold at Straub Clinic, Honolulu, where he practiced for the next six years.He left this position in 1969 for health reasons and entered into practice first with Drs. Rees and Bennett in San Francisco, and then with Dr. Richard Wallrich in Santa Rosa, California, where he was to make his home until his death on December 24, 1979, (at the age of 75).
Williams was married on September 22, 1946, to Sally Mildred Bradford.

Williams was a member of the AMA, the American Academy of Dermatology, the Pacific Dermatologic Association, the San Francisco and Honolulu Dermatologic Societies, the Honolulu County Medical Society and the Hawaii Medical Association, the International Society for Tropical Dermatology, the Retired Officers Association, the Disabled American Veterans, the Marine Medical Association and the Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity.He was a skilled and imaginative physician, and a capable and effective teacher and practitioner of dermatology; and though he did not suffer from the "itch to write", he had nine good papers published between 1950 and 1962.He is not forgotten in California or Hawaii or in the Army, and isn’t likely to be.


LT. Colonel, William Riney Craig ,MD (Died on the Brazil Maru.)
Birth 8 April 1896 in Sharps Chapel, Union County, Tennessee
Death 27 January 1945 in the East China Sea/Buried at Sea.

Name: William R Craig
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Service #: O 016963
Service: Medical Corps
Unit: Hospital No 2
Source: Jim Erickson’s Oryoku Maru Roster
Summary: Abstract for William R Craig showing essential details for POW incident when held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II

* BS, Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee (1924)
* 1st LT Med. O. R. C.9 (1926)
* MD, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee (1926)
* Promoted to Captain (1929)
* Army Medical School (1930)
* Medical Field Service School (US Army) (1930)
* Panama, Canal Zone (1933)
* Fort Sam Houston, Texas (1936)
* Promoted to Major (1938)
* Fort Sam Houston, Texas (1939)
* Fort Douglas, Utah (1940)
* Manila, The Philippines (1941)
* 2nd Executive Officer of Malinta Tunnel Hospital (1942)
* Surrender of Corregidor Island, the Philippines, Taken Prisoner of War (POW) by Japanese. (1942)
* Bataan Death March (1942)
* Chief medical officer Cabanatuan POW Camp. (1942)
A. Fields: "Japanese relented on shooting squad – they are to be confined for 1 month. Lewis freed, McMinn and Reeves were to be shot at 4 H.1. Gillispie and Craig plead with Japanese all day and at 3:30 PM the sentence was com- muted to 6 months …"
* Loaded aboard the Japanese Prisoner of War Ship the "Oryoku Maru" (Ship is unmarked as a POW Ship). (13 December 1944)
* The "Oryoku Maru" is attacked by American Bombers with POW survivors swimming to shore. William R. Craig "Badly wounded" in the attack and aided by Colonel William North. (15 December 1944)
* San Fernando, La Union, The Philippines; Loaded aboard the Japanese ship Enoura Maru. (27 December 1944)
Father: William Rhiney Craig
Birth 11 JUL 1861 in Union County, Tennessee
Death 5 JUL 1930 in Union County, Tennessee
* Takao, Formosa (Taiwan); Arrives in Takao, Formosa (Taiwan). Transferred from the ship Enoura Maru to the ship Brazil Maru. (3 January 1945)
* Takao, Taiwan (Formosa); Sent to Moji, Japan as POW slave labor aboard the ship Brazil Maru. (13 January 1945)
* Buried at Sea/East China Sea; Dies at sea from wounds and starvation while enroute to Moji, Japan. Buried at sea. "His body was thrown overboard" (27 January 1945)

Mother: Roseanna Sarah Russell
Birth 1 NOV 1861 in Tennessee
Death 22 DEC 1922 in Union County, Tennessee

Wife: Mossie Jane Williams
Birth 16 MAR 1897 in Anderson County, Tennessee
Death 29 MAR 1991 in Santa Clara County, California

Daughter: Betty Jo Craig
Birth # May #### in Nashville, Tennessee USA

Daughter: Patricia "Patsy" J. Craig
Birth 11 October 1928 in El Paso County, Texas
Death 10 Feb 1979 in Danvers, Massachusetts


Dr. Konishi (Japan)


Lt. Col. Willis Hinton Drummond (Died on the Oryoku Maru.)
Birth 12 May 1899 in Iowa, USA.
Death 15 December 1944 On Oryoku Maru

Name: Willis Hinton Drummond
Rank: Colonel
Service #: O 017839
Service: Medical Corps
Unit: Ii Corps
Sub Unit: Surgeon
Notes: Died On Oryoku Maru On 12/15/44
Source: Odonnell-andersonville Of The Pacific By Col John E Olson
Source: Col Steel’s 31st Inf Rosters
Summary: Abstract for Willis Hinton Drummond showing essential details for POW incident when held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II



Maj. Harry R. Leighton VC (Died on the Enoura Maru.)
Birth 8 May 1898 in New Hampshire.
Death January 1945

Name: Harry R Leighton
Rank: Major
Service #: O 016296
Service: Veterinary Corps Or Service
Unit: Sternberg General Hospital
Notes: O’donnell-bilibid
Source: American Defenders Of Bataan And Corregidor – Registration Records
Source: American Battle Monuments Commission – Web Site
Summary: Abstract for Harry R Leighton showing essential details for POW incident when held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II


Maj. Clarence H. White (Died on the Enoura Maru.)
Birth 18 Sep 1905 in California.
Death 11 January 1945

Name: Clarence H White
Rank: Major
Service #: O 019669
Service: Medical Corps
Unit: 31st Infantry Regiment United States
Sub Unit: Surgeon
Parent Unit: Philippine Division
Notes: O’donnell-cabanatuan-bilibid-died On Enoura Maru On 01/11/45
Source: American Defenders Of Bataan And Corregidor – Registration Records
Summary: Abstract for Clarence H White showing essential details for POW incident when held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II


Capt. Charles W. (?) Lewis (Survived)
Birth 9 April 1889 in Canada (?)

Name: Charles F Lewis Jr(?)
Rank: First Lieutenant
Service #: O 403040
Service: Medical Corps
Unit: 88th Field Artillery Regiment Philippine Scouts
Notes: Liberated At Cabanatuan
Source: Cabanatuan Liberation Roster
Summary: Abstract for Charles F Lewis Jr showing essential details for POW incident when held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II


Maj. Karl H. Houghton (Survived)
Birth 28 Sep 1911 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA.
Death 7 Aug 2008 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA.

Name: Karl H Houghton
Rank: Major
Service #: O 020411
Service: Medical Corps
Unit: Ii Corps
Sub Unit: Assistant Surgeon
Notes: Cabanatuan-bilibid-survived Oryoku/enoura/brazil Maru
Source: Information from POW or POW Descendants
Source: Col Steel’s 31st Inf Rosters
Summary: Abstract for Karl H Houghton showing essential details for POW incident when held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II

Obituary: Karl Herbert passed away from natural causes. He was born to Mabel and George Houghton in Salt Lake City, UT. He was predeceased by his second wife, Dorothy. He was survived by his daughter, Judith Jardine (Len) of Mesa, AZ; granddaughters, Pam Rheinschild (Rob) of Hailey, ID and Tracy Penkoff of Mesa, AZ; great-granddaughters, Jessie Penkoff and Royce Rheinschild.

Karl attended Oregon State University and UCLA, where he affiliated with Beta Theta Phi. Upon graduating from the University of Southern California School of Medicine, he joined the Army as a Second Lieutenant for further medical training. He married Virginia Adams in 1935, and a daughter, Judith Ann was born. The family was stationed in Manila when war with Japan became imminent. The women and children were evacuated to the United States. Karl stayed behind with the Army and in 1942 was captured on Bataan, participated in the Death March, and was imprisoned in POW camps for the duration of World War II. After the war, Capt. Houghton joined the Air Force, where he became involved with the Embassy in London and the Atomic Energy Commission. Upon retirement as a full Colonel, he went to work with McDonald Douglas as a medical advisor in the Areospace Program.

A Military Service was held at the Santa Fe National Cemetery on 6 October 2008.


Santa Fe National Cemetery
Santa Fe
Santa Fe County
New Mexico, USA
Plot: 9, 1111A

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