I’ve been all about my health the past few months. I’ve gone from 211lbs to 178 as of today and more muscle than I’ve ever had. Im on a 8 week cutting period now and im starting to have more free time and rather than sit home and think about food I’ve been exploring what’s right in my back yard!

I took a walk today down a road that in my 6 years of living in my house I’ve never been down… well what a good idea it was. the moment i started walking down I was taking pictures with my phone like crazy and the next thing I knew I was running back to my house to get my car and my camera!

I haven’t really taken any pictures of my car lately and i just blew my front two tires out so right now im sitting on stocks and dont have any cool poke goin’ on haha! but none the less i figured id snap one shot and it turned out pretty sweet.

I was so happy with it that I did bare minimum as far as editing went.

I’ll upload some more tonight from today!

Camera Info:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 85L


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Posted by SeanTierney on 2013-08-02 01:20:49

Tagged: , car , wqrx , nature , back , road , canon , 5D , Mark , II , 85L , woods , rainy , PA , pennsylvania