To be certain the future, really don’t at any time loose sight of what went mistaken in the past. eleven years later, New York will permanently keep in mind… And nevertheless our young children of right now might have not been born however when 9-eleven transpired, it is really our responsibility to train them about earning a greater, fairer globe, not just a security-crazed law enforcement-point out vault that helps prevent yet another disaster, but a much more good coverage and humanity and diplomacy that will help at the root of the difficulty, to keep away from that hatred that would direct persons to dedicate such atrocities in the very first position. Give the young children a chance…

With appreciate and respect to all the victims of 9-eleven and their loved kinds, and to all the harmless civilian casualties that posterior wars have introduced everywhere else…

And kudos to at last having a improve of regulation that will now (heartbreaking that it took eleven years!!!) at last give health protection to all the very first responders who labored on the Ground Zero web-site jeopardizing their life and formulated cancers from the toxic elements in the location. A smaller phase in the ideal course, to at last honor those people guys and ladies who gave so substantially and received so minor.

Subway station,
New York Metropolis
September 2012

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