As a child am very fan of sweets and chocolates. While going school I use to go small shops and buy local sweets for me and my friends. Later reach home I use to takes my favorite chocolates which my papa sends me from abroad. Always mom use to make restrictions on eating chocolates. She uses to advice “Baby Eating Chocolates May Make Your Teeth and Health Bad Condition” As a child I think mom invention is not to swallow any more chocolates.
Life have grown up, the habits never change .Still mom advice me as she done before.
Now I tell mom, I know about my health and I have awareness more than you on my health. So don’t counsel me always.
Life was moving smoothly. Once I heard about free medical checkup. As all others I think it’s free, then why don’t me check. I taken a taxi and went to the medical checkup and finish the formalities. I was eagerly waiting for a nurse action. I feel as a student waiting for exam I waited for the result. The result is in front of me.
I failed in the exam. It was clearly mentioned in the result, am a DIABETICS person. I don’t know what to do, with this young age I got DIABETICS. Never ever I can believe this.
I inquire again is it my blood result?
She looks me kindly and tell, Sir it’s yours and am sad to inform you have high level of sugar in your blood.
Her words never believe me. I ran to see a duty doctor, sir I have finished my medical test and it’s the report can you conform me I don’t have diabetics. My heart was counting his eyes to know his reaction on my result.
Once again I heard the breaking term DIABETICS. I realize now am affected by DIABETICS. A lot of question was asking mine itself.
I don’t know what to do, where to go, how young am. If I obey mom this will never defeats me.
The world notices me as Diabetics person. No more sweets and no more chocolates any more. Control before its defeat our body

Posted by Fadhu Clicks on 2013-11-08 11:43:08