To me, the lowly growth chart is the epitome of personal health information: clear, tangible, friendly, aspirational. But most health info isn’t like that. Even though there’s lots of it around, very little of it is "liquid"­ – able to be used for the benefit of those individuals it concerns. Much of it is in paper form, and even electronic records are kept under virtual mattresses, held by institutions with no incentive to share it with the individuals or with other health-care providers. The way to solve this problem is not primarily with money, but by giving individuals the means as well as the right to control the disposition of their own information. They may not need to hold it personally, but they need the tools and services to determine how it is used and shared on their behalf.

Design credit: DAPHNE KIS

Posted by Esthr on 2005-09-27 18:29:35

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