Beginners books on the left, these are your basic start up and mainly easy to keep fish species books, some titles are just picture profiles, all system types are covered including marine, moving along its a quick coverage on aquatic plants and necessary care at all levels. Then it gets more advanced with books covering specific family groups or water conditions I’ve become interested in, again some titles are picture profiles. Then it’s the most important aspect, fish health and disease, also I have a quick look at live foods. Then it moves along to marine fish, starting with basic small system set ups, the fish and then coral are covered, finally a good looking bookend! The reef pocket guides are well used these are rarely shelved. The Fish Health book is by far the most used overall and is the saving grace to all of my fish, I owe a lot to its authors.

Posted by Nano Second Artist on 2014-07-04 20:53:02

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