Ash and his pals stare on a Pokémon Center throughout a pretty large river. It looks to be well-liked for its specialty of caring for Drinking water-variety Pokémon. As they glimpse, Pikachu notices some thing from the water, which a person in a comprehensive scuba fit keeping a Goldeen comes out. The person speaks and two Chansey appear together with a fish tank. Given the sign, Nurse Joy is guiding the fit. She puts the Goldeen in the tank and the fit opens up the top rated half section. Brock does the common factor he does anytime he encounters a Joy. Misty looks to glimpse up to her as nicely, because of the specialty of caring for Drinking water Pokémon. Joy goes off mentioning her do the job to them, and gives a small admiration of Pikachu for a while.
Before long afterward the Pokémon show up to be fighting, but in actuality seemingly Pokémon instruction or of some type. They seem to be employing the identical means on one one more. Group Rocket is spying on them a minimal approaches, in a Tentacruel submarine. They plan to get the Pokémon in the centre but are cut small when a Tentacruel problems them for one more.
Brock gets out a ebook that has a tale penned by a Joy, but seriously it was penned by the current Joy’s grandmother. She describes that this location made use of to be a wasteland, uninhabitable by anyone and that she was acquiring out the trigger. Brock asks her to sign the ebook but Joy isn’t going to want to do so. Brock gets out one more ebook penned by a Joy, but that one was Joy’s mom. She describes that she served the Grimer and Muk that poisoned the location get out. But seemingly, ample with the modest talk, just want to get small business around with.
Meanwhile Group Rocket, even now in their Tentacruel sub, finds their way into the Pokémon Center by means of a pipeline.
Pikachu gets a refresher from the therapeutic equipment and settles to Ash. Misty wants her Pokémon dealt with so she asks Joy if she would. Incredibly, Joy backs away frightened, leaving all people puzzled. She goes off declaring that she hates Drinking water Pokémon quite a several occasions. So eventually she describes about what happened. She was out with her mother searching around some Drinking water Pokémon by the river in a boat. A Remoraid pops out and squirts her in the experience for a while and Joy (younger one) falls into the water. Joy’s mom tries to aid but additional Remoraid get all around and squirt Joy back up. Joy’s mom tries to notify her that it’s alright, but Joy are not able to seem to get the fright out.
Joy are not able to seem to aid out Misty and Misty is starting to get irritated by that. But in the suggest time, they go around to the place most of the Drinking water Pokémon are and choose a glimpse all around. Scanning all around are a Goldeen, a Tentacool, several many others and at the conclude, a Gyarados, who looks to have a “neck” dilemma.. They are in different tanks with a large pool in the middle. Misty shudders at Gyarados, but Ash likes Gyarados for its electrical power. Joy agrees with Misty and they go on with that for a while. When all of a sudden, Group Rocket seems from the pool, fooling Ash with the Tentacruel disguises. They go off with their motto, currently being fancy and trying some water acrobatics. Eventually they hop back in and endeavor to grab Pikachu, but Pikachu dodges. So Group Rocket grabs Pikachu with the relaxation of the tentacles and test to go off, but Pikachu does Thunderbolt. Jessie and James start conversing about how certainly this was not a fantastic concept and Wobbuffet comes out, starting off a shock to all of them, blowing the sub up. A several pieces of debris fly, one hits Gyarados’s tank and one more hits valve opening to the exterior. Group Rocket get flushed out together with Gyarados’s water and Joy’s scuba fit.
Gyarados begins writhing in agony for a while. Joy requires a stand and decides to aid out Gyarados for now, even with no her fit. She goes up but gets butterflies in her tummy, but she persists. She calms Gyarados down and the Chansey get one more forged for Gyarados and location it on. Before long afterward, Joy collapses from keeping all that shock. Afterward, Joy even now suggests she isn’t going to like Drinking water Pokémon, but as a Pokémon nurse, she has to test her finest. Misty gives her some encouragement and the gang heads off to their desired destination.