In Portsmouth, RI at Common Fence Point there is a large marsh and recently restored pond (2007). The Phragmites had taken over the entire area until the pond’s restoration in 2007. I am not sure of the current environmental health of this marsh but it is interesting to photograph because of the vast growth of these Phragmites which can grow upwards of 8 feet and the abundant wildlife and site features. There is a well maintained path through the tall reeds that leads to an abandoned rail line and bridge over the ponds inlet.
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Tech Details: Nikon D7100 with 18-140 lens at 95mm ISO 100 with an exposure of 1/640 second at F5.3. Adjustments made using Adobe Lightroom: Profile set to landscape, crop, adjust temp, exposure, contrast, saturation, luminance and temperature. Black and gray frame added using Mogrify plugin then exported to Adobe Elements to add text for posting

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