What do you see in that mirror? I have talked about this subject before but felt the need to revisit it today. This image represents so many things related to emotion and to an extent reason. The slight ripples in the water distort the true me just like my emotions can distort reality. The image looking back at me also sees a distorted image, one swayed by not only their emotions but the outward persona that I portray.
This brings me to my topic of emotion verses reason. Although a person can act upon emotion or reason there tends to be a conflict in almost every decision we make, from religion, politics, family, and everything in between. It is obvious that a person should have a healthy diet, get proper exercise but how did I get to the point I am at now. Of course one could not feel or even love without emotion, motivation and a drive to succeed stem from emotion but so does fear and anger and regret. Emotion is the most powerful force inside us. I spent 4 years in college and 2 in graduate school to train my mind, but how much time have I spent trying to understand my emotions and how to use that driving force. According to Jim Rohn, there are four emotions that can lead to life change.

Disgust. I am disgusted with being overweight and out of shape. I am tired of aching and not feeling good. “I have had enough.”

Decision. I must make a choice. “Like an internal civil war” the battle between long term health and happiness but sacrifices and dedication, or short term gratification because it is easy.

Desire. Since desire is a craving, what do I crave more, eating healthy, exercising and feeling good or sitting on the couch eating anything that just tastes good?

Resolve. I WILL

Posted by abennett23 on 2010-06-02 16:25:07

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