If there is something that really hurts parents who teenagers after athletic prowess and performance, it is the use of steroids. Many parents are not overtly aware of the extent of steroids on their children, mostly these teenagers who are on the verge of going to college or universities, and are after sports scholarships so that they could live their dreams.

Steroids give them the easiest way towards this road, and it does not always lead to good tidings. Most of them are discovered to have used steroids since the traces are still left on the body for all to see and beware.

While others are able to cheat the tests, most are not lucky and it really affects them. For those who cheat and get away with it, they are exposed to steroids which help them with maximization of their strength and bulking up on muscles where they utilize them in their training and games, and after their splendid seasons, they are taken to colleges for the tests. Before the test, these teens are not fearful since any signs of steroidal usage would have abated. It’s all about attaining a balance between time and cycles, in that after a certain time, the steroid would have left the body, without a trace.

What the students miss is what these anabolic androgenic steroids do to their bodies. Inside the human body, the effects are quite immense. Initially, what is evident is maturation and skeletal growth, as well as the effect of re-absorption of the bone and their formation. Androgens mostly, have quite some effects on the calcium serum, alkaline phosphates and phosphorus.

In addition, they also manifest some effects through the inherent testosterone which affects the phosphorus and calcium balances. Androgens also depict varied effects upon the power of agents of anabolic steroids mostly against phosphorus and calcium balance.

Generally, the extra the carbon molecules addition around the esterification of the acid group, the immense is the elongation of the action of anabolic steroids within the human body. An increase of carbon numbers does subsequently increase all the anabolic steroids’ affinity.

Most teenagers who are again using anabolic steroids have been known to literally use them without any prior medical supervision, or even guidance. The steroid manipulation then becomes a major factor as other users as well as new supplies are found. Lots of teenagers using steroids then become abused and obsessed by the status quo and the craving of searching for more steroids, as they continue to look for that magical thing that is inherent in attaining more huge and muscular bodies. Lots of the young steroid users do at one time minimize the probable harmful effects that the drugs could bring forth.

Some of the harmful effects include acne that is steroid induced, testicular atrophy, chronic Gonadotrophin, induced gynecomastia, hypersensitive reactions and behaviors and acne that is induced by steroids. It could be a spell of doom for most of these teens that have started their journey in life.