Ben Greenfield, the triathlon coach who created the program, focuses on getting the most gains from the least amount of time spent training. Naturally I gravitated towards his plan when it comes to preparing for any length triathlon. We exchanged emails and a few phone calls and I really like where he is coming from with approach. As a coach I can’t train everyone and the reality is that, while my prices are a good value for what you get, not everyone can afford the cost of a personal coach. I was looking for a triathlon program that I could recommend that would allow you to get the best information in one package. Unlike many coaches, he deals with all facets of preparation including sport specific training, cross training, flexibility, daily nutrition and race nutrition.

Unlike a lot of books that talk about concepts, Ben lays out a 9 month plan to get you ready for your triathlons. While the theme is Ironman length, it is easy to tune the program for the shorter distance events. He even tells you how to do this as part of the package. Most books on training tend to overload people with information and you are left trying to figure out how to put it all together yourself. The Triathlon Dominator package takes the guess work out of the process. You are shown what to do in training, what to eat and how to approach race day.

Of particular note is how indepth he gets with daily and race nutrition. This is an area that a lot of people have confusion with so by just laying it out in an easy to follow way, Ben has made it simple for you to dial in your nutrition. He supplies you with shopping lists, menus and how to calculate how much you need. Your nutritional needs vary during the training season so he has tailored the diet to these needs. You will have a lot less trial and error and will see quicker progress. Nutrition makes up at least 50 % of your endurance performance so this is key area to get right.

By focusing on synergy he is able to guide you to good results without giving up the rest of your life. Each workout has a target to get the most out of your training without wasted time and effort. This is beneficial because you can fit it into your schedule and it gives you more time to recover compared to people doing 15-20 hours per week. Some of it is unconventional but that’s what makes it work. By increasing the workload through intensity and synergy.

In addition, Ben is really easy to reach so you can send an email to ask questions. He will get back to you quickly and is very helpful. He has a dedication to helping athletes improve their performance.