Hibiscus sabdariffa
Family : Malvaceae

The roselle is a woody annual, bearing green leaves on red stems. Its fruit is not considered a true fruit, but rather a boll or flower-cup of flesh enclosing the bud and seeds. There are two main varieties, but this one includes all the cultivars grown for food. The other, var altissima, is more important economically for its fiber. The plant is unusual in that its main edible part is not the actual "fruit" but the calyx of the fruit. The calyx is like the little green star on top of a tomato or strawberry. In this instance, it is red, large, and fleshy, and enwraps a small useless fruit. The calyx is made into a refreshing sour drink in the West Indies and elsewhere, and also used to produce jellies and jams, tasting more like cranberries than cherries. They are also dried and marketed and have become a source of a red food colourant

Info from www.innvista.com/health/foods/fruits/roselle.htm

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