Thanks to all you all. she also thanks all her friends. She is doing much better. She is eating and drinking and even able to almost walk down the steps to go outside. she is long way from being the old Roxy, but all signs are no permanent damage. The Vet says time will heal and she should be back to almost normal in 2 to 3 weeks, but a few things are off her list of activities like Night ball play time and jumping fer the ball game. In fact she will not be happy to know that her daily sumo dog match with the kids dog next door is on hold till a good bill of health is given out.

Mandy was Roxy’s kinda momma and there you have what she means to me. I thanks you all for the prayers. She is healing and I’m so happy I drank a beer. Mandy would of helped, but Roxy has never touched the stuff. =o)~

Posted by Pacdog on 2009-11-21 01:52:10

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