It is all over the western news that the Namibian government has allowed a Dallas Texas Hunt club to auction off the right to go to Namibia and kill a black rhino It seems that the winning bid was $350,000.

I believe that this image is of a white rhino, but a rhino is a rhino and they are endangered and have enough problems hiding from poachers.

How disgusting! Someone is spending that amount of money to kill wildlife and it could be donated to help the children of Africa have fresh drinking water. Here is a petition I signed to try and stop this slaughter.

I haven’t even included all of the details of the plan. I am sure you can find about about it on your local news. One more act of selfish folly committed by someone with money to burn in the USA. Such an embarrassment!…

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An update on this story!…

Another update on the story:…

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