Silencieux ……

private favourites on Flickrock ( good presentation )

Aged Piano Saint Eustache Church .Les Halles Location .Paris
Participating in with light-weight and dark ….In a silent way

~”With out tunes, daily life would be a slip-up ”
Sans la musique la vie serait une erreur
—- Nietzsche

In former times,on this piano , a melancholy melody from SCHUBERT was done ……
Brigitte Engerer RIP

Nikon D300 Nikkor 50/one,eight AF

December eleven 2012 (1st upload)
because of a big health challenge for a very shut particular person, I made a decision to leave

This could be my last picture. It is symbolic …. an deserted piano… endlessly silent
Ceci pourrait être ma dernière picture .
Elle est symbolique ….un piano abandonné ,muet pour toujours


January eleven 2014

Started playing piano when I was a little one …. can no more time engage in (an wounded finger)…..
Started images when I was a teen… I’ve misplaced enjoyment
Journey , my good enthusiasm ….it truly is in excess of (health)

January 28 2014 …. my Birthday ….

I leave ….I have come to be certainly unable of experience any emotion searching at pics -((

Almost everything will come to an close ……..
I consider nostalgia for Flickr will persist very extensive….
Some have gone and come again ….


February 1st 2014

Nonetheless right here !!!!!

Sorry I despise January 28 ….(my birthday….generally a difficult day …searching backwards and forwards )

En français on dit j’ai pété un câble

I am going to try out to keep a little more time


February thirteen 2015

Friday thirteen is generally a undesirable day…….
no more terms , besides I’ve been stunned or shaken , thunderstruck
unable to comprehend , my brain might be far too rational ?
blow of discouragement

” Vanité des vanités …. motor vehicle tout est vanité et poursuite du vent.
Vainness of vanity , for all is vanity and chasing after the wind “
(Ecclesiastes one:14)

Lifetime is fragile , the limited time we have is consumed by some things that may have little worth or urgency

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