Singapore Haze and Skyscraper visibility improve yesterday to an acceptable health level again on Saturday afternoon. The scenery, overall remain affected with a thin layer of smokey coverage at CBD area. Clarity was average but i hope for better each day…..!

Currently Singaporeans daily life was dramatically affected not only the drastic slow turn out of usual booming Tour industry but It citizens had to quickly adapt with preventive measures from prolong ill-effect of negative breathing disease literary cause by distance farmers seasonal vegetation practice from Indonesia. Hazardous haze particulate had abruptly arise thus alert not only to the affected neighboring country like Malaysia n Singapore but global health educational aspect for loving our motherly Earth should reach n strengthen to every individual.

We had been living n surrounded by thick Haze about a week now, from an average healthy PSI reading to startling unhealthy level had prompt especially the young infant n our senior adults to remain indoors for own health-safety reason. Fundamentally, I hope we learn n cherish to preserve good clean air we breath each day. Practically, with lesser complaint, we gain progress from good analyzing n gradually understand or accept what are "Cause n Effect" bring to our immediate self first.

Our helpless tangible Earth system will manifest by itself what current instant convenient /inconvenient generate by individual expect of selfishness or usually behavior with lack of understanding wisdom may cause tremendous impact to each others. This is the Buddha basic teaching of Cause n Effect generate in physical life without own ability to visibly notice when momentum Greed, anxiety, foolishness n sturbboness persist to grow in one competitive miserable heart.

Posted by Kenny Teo (zoompict) on 2013-06-23 05:03:30

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