You may be so bored while listening to your professor or so tired after doing all your paperwork in the office, but never ever slouch!

Fact is, slouching may become a very bad habit and can affect the vital parts of the body. As studies show, poor posture has a great effect on digestion, elimination, breathing. It can also strain the muscles, joints, and ligaments. As a result, your overall health and total efficiency will be at high risk.

You may not be so aware, but when you slouch, your vital organs suffer, as they are unable to move or function properly. The intestines and other parts in the abdominal region are not held in the right place, preventing them from doing their task and the lungs are not working at their best. Aside from that, it may cause fatigue, muscle pain, and it makes the back more vulnerable to injuries.

To maintain good posture you must keep your back, muscles, and joints in tip-top shape. All these three support the alignment of your spine and your back’s natural curves. They also protect the ligaments and discs from injury. Keeping them healthy and strong by eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep and rest, and avoiding potentially harmful substances like alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is the secret to good posture that leads to good health.

In whatever you do, slouching should never be encouraged. Learn to walk tall and stand tall, as this will help your body function at top speed. Furthermore, good posture contributes to good appearance. It projects poise, confidence, and dignity. Therefore, if you are one of those who have posture problems, you must act now and make improvements. Enhance your posture for good health.

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