Anthony’s poison arrow frog (Epipedobates anthonyi) – El Oro Province, Ecuador

When I 1st observed a purple Epipedobates anthonyi my jaw dropped! I was used to the black and environmentally friendly types which we would encounter at our other fieldsites, at 1st I was not even certain it was the exact species. I was only equipped to come across the purple colored men and women in one place that I frequented, everywhere else the frogs ended up black and environmentally friendly. All the users of this population ended up purple and blue, some ended up incredibly darkish purple when others like this specific ended up a lot more vivid, I observed these frogs all the time but as I was performing I never ever had my digicam with me. I took a particular trip out to the place I generally observed them in purchase to get some pictures, they ended up straightforward to come across on a fantastic day I would see dozens in just a limited extend of habitat. This was in my opinion the prettiest specific I could come across the day I brought my digicam out. To see what the ordinary looking Epipedobates anthonyi appeared like stick to the link underneath to one of my pictures of one from a distinctive nearby web-site in which they all had the usual coloring.[email protected]/16439177299/in/album-7…

A single of the a lot more intriguing bits of details I came across relating to this species I study on AmphibiaWeb, listed here it is: “Pores and skin secretions of Epipedobates have been used in medical analysis. Epibatidine, a lipophilic skin toxin, is a piperidine-based alkaloid which acts as a non-opioid painkiller by binding to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, and has been located to be 200 occasions a lot more potent than morphine. Despite the fact that released papers on epibatidine refer to E. tricolor (e.g. Daly et al. 1987, Myers et al. 2000), the species used is incredibly possible to have been E. anthonyi, based on the type localities for each individual (Graham et al. 2004 Darst and Cannatella 2005).”

I had read of the frog which was stated to have factors in its skin secretions which ended up 200 occasions a lot more potent at blocking suffering than morphine and I understood it was a near relative to this one but it was quite stunning to me to study that it may well infact have been this exact species! Even with these potent alkaloids in its skin this species is not specifically poisonous.

This is an additional frog with a small assortment, it really is only located in the southern section of Ecuador and the northern section of Peru, I was lucky to be performing in places in which they ended up quite common.

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