Seen on a very quick "birthday weekend" mental health escape to New York City. My camera was practically crying to be used.

Still glacially moving from old house to new abode and trying to finesse belongings into one third of the space I used to have. And the good/bad news is that I’ve been given the opportunity to take a "documentary photography and journalism" class at MIT by a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who’s also a very interesting professor. So my free time is still insane, though likely to calm down a bit when I FINALLY get everything moved. And it was the push I needed to finally purchase (used) an entry level dslr. I’m a little afraid to open the box- how the heck will I get used to a viewfinder???????- but an adventure for this weekend that I’m looking forward to.

Miss you all! Be back quick as I can.

Highest I know of on Explore!… #160 on 5.1.09

Posted by KarenMarleneLarsen on 2009-02-11 11:29:34

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