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Today has not been a good day. I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and eventually I realized it was because I was feeling nauseous. Apparently something I ate yesterday is not sitting well. Random fact about me: I hate puking. I won’t do it. I’m not one of those people who throws up to make myself feel better. Oh no. I lie in bed and will away the nausea. When I was a kid, I used to always wait until it was too late and pretty much always wound up throwing up between my bed and the door to the bathroom. My mom had to love that. Anyway, I spent about an hour lying on the bathroom floor around 3am. Not fun. Still feeling crappy now, though much better than I was feeling at 3am. And I’ve spent all of today stressing over setting up health insurance. Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper. And I really just want to go climb back into bed and sleep all day.

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Posted by alibubba on 2009-08-25 18:59:31

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