Garden Stool Target

Garden Stool Target – How accomplish I Shop For Individual Health Insurance? – If you dont have right of entry to health insurance coverage through an employer, youll be clever to enroll in coverage either through the row marketplace or outside the row marketplace as you complete…

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No swimming

In the heart of the beautiful British countryside.

In fact it is oozing out from directly under the Health & Safety (HSE) Laboratory in Buxton, the place that describes itself as "HSL is a world-leading provider of health and safety solutions to industry and government. Combining scientific, medical and technical expertise, we help you to manage risk and protect your workforce from illness and injury"

But no fences, no barriers, no warning signs, no life belt visible and no hi-viz jackets, helmets or goggles, safety boots required to approach it. I suspect that it would not be a good idea to fall in here.

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Infrared HDR Garden of the Gods Colorado

IR converted Canon Rebel XTi. AEB +/-2 total of 3 exposures processed with Photomatix.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) is a high dynamic range (HDR) technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. The aim is to present a similar range of luminance to that experienced through the human visual system. The human eye, through adaptation of the iris and other methods, adjusts constantly to adapt to a broad range of luminance present in the environment. The brain continuously interprets this information so that a viewer can see in a wide range of light conditions.

HDR images can represent a greater range of luminance levels than can be achieved using more ‘traditional’ methods, such as many real-world scenes containing very bright, direct sunlight to extreme shade, or very faint nebulae. This is … Read More

A Recipe for Health Equity in the 21st Century: Renaisa Anthony at TEDxOmaha

Renaisa S. Anthony MD, MPH is the Interim Director and appointed Deputy Director of the UNMC Center for Reducing Health Disparities (CRHD) in the College of Public Health. She is a licensed physician, public health practitioner, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Promotion. She earned her medical degree at the University of Chicago, public health degree at Harvard, medical training at Vanderbilt, and policy fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She is committed to improving the health of women, children, families and communities and has dedicated such efforts both internationally and nationally at the NIH, Office of the Surgeon General, and Capitol Hill.

In this talk, Dr. Anthony discusses the impact of race, gender, and background on her life and the lives of the people she serves.

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