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How Alternative Medicine Can Help With Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

The Sphincter of Oddi, named after Ruggero Oddi, an Italian anatomist who described this structure in 1887, is the muscle valve that regulates the flow of bile and pancreatic juice into the duodenum (beginning of the small intestine). Regulation of the Sphincter of Oddi is accomplished through the nervous system and the blood by special messengers- digestive hormones.

If there is no food in the intestine, the Sphincter of Oddi valve remains closed. Bile is retained in the gallbladder and pancreatic juice is retained in the pancreas. Spasms or blockage of this valve may cause bile and pancreatic juice to back up.

If a tiny amount of bile gets into the pancreatic duct, serious trouble can ensue. Bile can activate digestive enzymes inside the pancreas and these enzymes start to digest their own pancreatic cells, causing pain, congestion, inflammation and even the death of pancreatic tissue. This is referred to … Read More

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The water of life / El agua de la vida

Lanjarón, Granada (Spain).

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The World-wide Health Organization has recognized Lanjarón like one of the places of more longevity of the planet. It is indeed the quality of its waters – together with the climate, the pure mountain air and the Mediterranean diet – allowing many of its citizens to live more than one hundred years. With a population of 5.000, 50 of them are more than 90 years old, and 150 more than 80 years old.


Lanjarón is a municipality and village in the Alpujarras area in the province of Granada in Andalusia, Spain.

It has a ruined castle and chalybeate baths. It is most famous, however, for the bottled water produced in the town. This was the first bottled water company in the whole of Spain and provides water to the whole of the peninsula.



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Here’s Some Useful Ragdoll Cat Information

Before deciding to buy a ragdoll cat, it is important to first learn about the breed, their personality, their behaviour and any health problems associated wit the breed. Searching for ragdoll cat information is made distinctly easier by access to the internet, a simple internet search on a popular search engine will yield millions of results.

However it is important to remember that not everything you read is necessarily true, there is a lot of ‘hype’ about ragdolls, and many half-truths and generalized information which you must bypass to get the real honest ragdoll cat information.

Ragdoll cats are indeed docile, laid back creatures, they will happily spend hours curled up on you knee or next to you, but they do have their playful side. Consider ragdolls to be like children, they are innocent, trusting and sweet, but they can often be very playful and even destructive.

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