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2016-06-03_07-07-09 Light Festival Jerusalem 2.6.16 Montefiore Windmill

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Montefiore Windmill
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Montefiore Windmill
Montefiore Windmill, 30 March 2016
Mill nameMontefiore Mill
Jaffa Gate Mill
Mill locationJerusalem, Israel
31°46′17.31″N 35°13′27.03″E
Year built1857
PurposeFlour mill
TypeTower mill
StoreysFour storeys
Number of sailsFour sails
Type of sailsPatent sails
WindshaftCast iron
Fantail bladesSix blades
Auxiliary powerElectric motor
Number of pairs of millstonesTwo pairs
The Montefiore Windmill is a landmark windmill in Jerusalem, Israel. Designed as a flour mill, it was built in 1857 on a slope opposite the western city walls of Jerusalem, where three years later the new Jewish neighbourhood of Mishkenot Sha’ananim was erected, both by the efforts of British Jewish banker and philanthropist Moses Montefiore. Jerusalem at the time was part of Ottoman-ruled Palestine. Today the windmill serves as a small museum honored and dedicated to the achievements of Montefiore. It was restored in 2012 with a new cap and sails … Read More

Slouching Can Affect Health – Vital Facts on How Slouching Can Affect Health

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You may be so bored while listening to your professor or so tired after doing all your paperwork in the office, but never ever slouch!

Fact is, slouching may become a very bad habit and can affect the vital parts of the body. As studies show, poor posture has a great effect on digestion, elimination, breathing. It can also strain the muscles, joints, and ligaments. As a result, your overall health and total efficiency will be at high risk.

You may not be so aware, but when you slouch, your vital organs suffer, as they are unable to move or function properly. The intestines and other parts in the abdominal region are not held in the right place, preventing them from doing their task and the lungs are not working at their best. Aside from that, it may cause fatigue, muscle pain, and it makes the back more vulnerable to … Read More

Malpractice Lawyer Faq

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Dental Malpractice Lawyer?
Dental Malpractice Lawyer? Hi, I’m looking for a dental malpractice lawyer who only charges if the shield wins. I’m in the Boston nouns. Preferably one with a good history. Any suggestions? “I’d contact my local dowel or state bar association and ask for a referral to a personal injury attorney who also does work in medical malpractice….

Dental Malpractice Lawyer?
Hi, I’m looking for a dental malpractice lawyer who only charges if the luggage wins. I’m in the Boston nouns. Preferably one with a good history. Any suggestions? Talk near a medical malpractice attorney. He/she should be able to handle the thing. Attorneys are making a bet that they’ll win the case if they take it on a…

Dental malpractice legal representative?
i need to find a dental malpractce lawyer contained by the inland empire, in southern california that won’t … Read More

To See Another Day

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**Explore Nov 6 2010 #395**

ISO100 | f4.5 | 18mm | 1/80sec

Nikon D700
Nikon 18-35mm

Nudgee Beach, QLD
From the archives.

I was recently in hospital for a seemingly-lame reason; I was bitten by a cat. Yes, a domestic cat – but we think it was partially feral.

A week of high-dose antibiotics and care have seen me keep the use of my right hand, however when faced with the opposite, i could’ve died or lost my hand if Id have left it fester, I could’ve been in alot more pain if I wasn’t privately insured for my health… plus all the other horrible answers to questions I don’t even want to ask.

It is for these reasons that I’m glad to see another day, and once my hand and arm heal completely (about 2 weeks) I’ll be able to get out and shoot something new.

Until then, I … Read More

Behaviors With Types Of Dementia – What To Watch

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Typically, there are many behaviors with types of dementia that can be a major indication that a problem is occurring. Often, forgetfulness and other problems thought to be associated with dementia are the focus, while other behaviors are overlooked.

If you believe that you or a loved on is beginning to suffer from the effects of dementia, strive to seek medical treatment immediately.

Although there is currently no cure for dementia and the signs of dementia cannot be reversed as of yet, the progression of the disease can be dramatically slowed, allowing you to continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

Furthermore, continual progress is being made in the medical field, so the treatments continue to advance year after year.

* Types of Dementia *

There are numerous types of dementia, each of which will have different symptoms and behaviors most often associated with the disease.

Types of dementia … Read More