Dal Dhokli Is a Traditional, Healthy, Delicious and Wholesome Gujarati Dish!

Gujarati cuisine is primarily a vegetarian cuisine. A typical Gujarati thali apart from other items contains a traditional delicacy called Dal Dhokli (saucy dumpling cooked in lentil curry). Dal Dhokli is known to have originated in Gujarat state, though few people believe that the dish belongs to Rajasthan. This dish is also popular in Maharashtra and many other states of India.

Dal Dhokli is actually a variation of dal and roti, which is the wholesome staple diet of masses in India. Typically Dal is cooked separately as per the taste preference and Roti is prepared separately. Both these things are then served as a single dish Dal and Roti, whereas Dal Dhokli is a one pot dish, which is flavored with a variety of spices and condiments making it delicious as well as completely wholesome. It is made with pieces of seasoned dough (wheat flour) cooked in lentils and topped … Read More

UB04 Form – What is a UB04 Form, Where Do I Get One, and How Do I Fill it Out?

Do you need to get a UB04 form completed for an insurance company?  What is a UB04 form?  Where do you find one?  And how do you fill it out?  We run across these questions often in the world of medical billing.  Most medical health insurance claims are filed on CMS 1500 forms (sometimes called HCFA forms).  These are more common to most people.   Many billers don’t know when to use the CMS forms and when to use the UB 04 forms.

The UB04 claim form is used by facilities rather than physicians for their health insurance billing.  Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, etc need to bill their services on the UB04 form in order to get paid.  Physician billing is done on the CMS 1500 claim forms. 

Every once in awhile we get a call from a person who is trying to get an insurance claim paid … Read More

Me, in 10 facts

So I have been tagged by westsidebeadery, rosina, margrett:), Abby Braman, and εverαmorε. Thanks guys 🙂

1. I am almost 20 years old, and I am still afraid of the dark.
2. I want to be married by time I am 22ish, and have kids by time i’m 24. Crazy I know. When you’re ready, you’re ready.
3. I was planning on becoming a Radiologist, but then when my dad broke his leg and we visited him in the hospital I realized health care was not my thing. The hospitals grossed me out. I am now working towards becoming an English Literature major. One day, I will work for a book publishing company.
4. After working for Starbucks for 2 years, I have become seriously addicted to coffee. I spend too much money on my Americanos, I just need to buy an espresso machine.
5. I have over 40 something … Read More