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Löwenzahn (Dandelion) is a children’s television collection generated and aired by German community broadcaster ZDF on German television. At first conceived and hosted by Peter Lustig the very first episode aired on January seven, 1979 then titled Pusteblume. The very first episode of the retitled collection Löwenzahn aired on March 24, 1981. Just after Lustig’s health-associated retirement, the display was taken-in excess of by actor Guido Hammesfahr (actively playing the new host Fritz Fuchs) in October 2006.

Each 30 moment episode is devoted to a independent challenge or theme and is largely comprised of associated brief featurettes, which clarify, investigate and educate how things of each day lifestyle and even intricate methods do the job. It spans a vast assortment of topics from technologies and industry to something as mundane as how the postal company is effective.

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Children’s Nutrition and Children’s Health

Looking for some assistance with Children’s nutrition? If you are looking through this, you are most likely possessing some problems with your child’s ingesting practices and are worried about you kid’s health.

So you want to strengthen your Children’s Health. Now what do you do? You may well require to question the issue, what are your kids ingesting?

In accordance to a modern analyze, most kids take in 25% of their energy from junk meals. Young ones say that french fries are vegetables and had been found to be the amount a person vegetable resource. You may well also find appealing that tender consume usage has doubled, as most 8 12 months olds take in tender beverages every single solitary working day with the phosphorous in these beverages leaching calcium out of bones, and sizzling puppies, cookies, and sweetened beverages are among the major ten foodstuff eaten by infants and … Read More

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What Was 19th Century Health Care?

Practitioners of health treatment in the 19th Century targeted on providing treatment that was generally based mostly on a bare minimum of causative details. Doctors in 1800 did not have X-rays to assistance them see within the physique. X-Rays were being not found out right up until 1895 and the use of them in medicine created virtually straight away to provide a single of the initial correct diagnostic equipment. 19th Century health treatment had extremely several diagnostic equipment. Most 19th Century medical treatment methods relied virtually solely on the cataloguing of the signs and history of the final result of comparable ailments. 19th Century health could have involved medical doctors treatment, a check out to an apothecary or if you were being extremely ill and in a healthcare facility. On the other hand, the prognosis of all 3 choices was not ordinarily extremely fantastic.

Doctors And Hospitals In 1800

Disinfectant … Read More

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silent … endlessly …

Silencieux ……

private favourites on Flickrock ( good presentation )

Aged Piano Saint Eustache Church .Les Halles Location .Paris
Participating in with light-weight and dark ….In a silent way

~”With out tunes, daily life would be a slip-up ”
Sans la musique la vie serait une erreur
—- Nietzsche

In former times,on this piano , a melancholy melody from SCHUBERT was done ……
Brigitte Engerer RIP

Nikon D300 Nikkor 50/one,eight AF

December eleven 2012 (1st upload)
because of a big health challenge for a very shut particular person, I made a decision to leave

This could be my last picture. It is symbolic …. an deserted piano… endlessly silent
Ceci pourrait être ma dernière picture .
Elle est symbolique ….un piano abandonné ,muet pour toujours


January eleven 2014

Started playing piano when I was a little one …. can no more time engage in (an wounded … Read More

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