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Having animal companions, from small pets to larger outdoor animals, can help reduce stress in individuals. Caring for them and the contact involved in doing so produces endorphins that help reduce the amount of cortisol in the bloodstream. Enjoying time with them further enhances your health when you interact with your animal friends.

Problems with parasites and nutritional deficits can make your animals unhealthy, though. When they do not feel well, they cannot tell you, which can allow the problem to persist much longer than it should. Because of this, many veterinarians recommend routine deworming regimens, monthly flea treatments, and regular check-ups for both pets and other animals.

Additional vet care for problems with infections from cuts or abrasions, sudden weight loss, skin abnormalities, and other unusual symptoms can help an animal recover more quickly than they would otherwise. Veterinarian visits succeed in this while also stopping any contagious diseases from infecting other animals.

Other times, such as pregnancy and lactation, recovery from superficial wounds, and extensive parasite loads can increase the nutritional needs of animals. In horses, this need often requires regular feed and a supplement before and during stressful times such as competing, moving from one location to another in a horse trailer, or merely training. These situations can quickly increase the need for extra nutrition. Many people who are involved in equine care rely on supplements like Twydil S to provide the extra nutrients, calories, and stress-relieving substances to protect their horse’s health.

The results of this and other highly tested and regulated supplements mean horses end up with the best health possible. Continued use of supplemental products often produce fewer benefits when used for extended periods of time, but this one continues producing consistent ones, instead. Just like you care for you and your family’s health and desire the same results over time, this does the same thing for horses.

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