Esquire magazine boldly published an article titled, “The Drugging of the American Boy” and when reading the article, it was startling to see that our boys, our future men are most certainly at risk. A silent war of sorts is taking place between psycho-pharma and the American family that results in the American boy being drugged at a rate that is altering the course of our nation’s future. The war is silent because most families don’t recognize the attack that the psycho-pharma industry is launching their way. The diagnosing of American boys, with mental disorders, is akin to a plague. Esquire reports, “By the time they reach high school, nearly 20 percent of all American boys will be diagnosed with ADHD. Millions of those boys will be prescribed a powerful stimulant to “normalize” them. A great many of those boys will suffer serious side effects from those drugs. The shocking truth is that many of those diagnoses are wrong, and that most of those boys are being drugged for no good reason-simply for being boys. It’s time we recognize this as a crisis.”

Bravo for Esquire for publishing this article and bravo to the author. This is a courageous notification to all families to beware, if they have a son, the chances that he will be diagnosed with ADHD are 1 in 7. It takes courage to make clear the threat that psycho-pharma poses to their children. The psychotropic drugs have clear warnings and with those warnings are the adverse effects that ADHD stimulants carry, including sudden death in children who have heart problems. They can bring on an apparent bipolar condition in a child who didn’t exhibit any symptoms of such a disorder before taking stimulants. The drugs can cause new or worse aggressive behavior or hostility. They can cause new psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices and believing things that are not true) or new manic symptoms.

Going even further, to support the rights of families and individuals, this article is clear in telling its readers that there is no single medical test to evidence any mental health disorder. Especially, with the prescribing of mind altering and potentially life-threatening drugs, it is a crucial fact to convey to our nation. The heart that it took to write this article and publish it is the heart of a warrior, an advocate, a truthful group of individuals that stood up and communicated into the vast expanse of psycho-pharma marketing that occurs daily throughout America.The article expresses concerns that the child may be diagnosed erroneously and with only a 12 minute exam by the doctor and vague reports of the child having trouble sitting still in school, the child is then placed on mind-altering drugs.

For those who have sons in America, it is probable that they will be diagnosed and prescribed these drugs without true evidence of a mental disorder.

Ned Hallo-well, a psychiatrist who had been diagnosed with ADHD, co-wrote two books about this subject and the Esquire article offers us a bit of information from this noted author and professional. Dr. Hallo-well points out that boys are being targeted for this diagnosis because they are full of energy and in a classroom setting, do not necessarily sit still. The boy is told he is bad and now needs to go to a doctor and be put on meds. Dr. Hall-well is clear in his message that boys are just boys.

To put this all in terms of numbers, a research study regarding ADHD drugs, is mentioned and this is what was found:


Summarizing the points made, with no medical test to evidence one single mental health disorder, with the risks of mental health drugs being potential fatally, and with an over-medicalizing of our boys, comes the string we, as citizens, can pull and thanks to Esquire and the author, it is unmistakably simple to see. A clinical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Lisa Cosgrove took part in researching the financial ties between the makers of the diagnostical manual used by the mental health community and the pharmaceutical industry.

The research findings showed that the majority of the mental health community, involved in the creation of the diagnostic manual and therefore the diagnoses, were financially linked to pharmaceutical companies. Ms. Cosgrove points attention to the influence those financial ties have on the mental health industry and the drugging of our children.

Vested interests have led our nations’ families to be misled and as a result the American boy is being drugged at a rate that will eventually paralyze a nation. As these boys are our future leaders in business and industry.