“Greetings, Empress. As I am sure you are aware, I have contacted you early. This is not to provide our monthly report but to call your attention to negligence on your part of our deal.”

“Negligence? I have provided your kind with the living sacrifice you demand, without fail, every month. What sort of negligence is that?”

“You have failed to provide them in the measures specified by the agreement! Our…contract, as you call it, specified that once a month, you would transport two humans, male and female, to the vicinity of our colony. We asked that you confirm some sort of emotional attachment between the two of them and ensure that they possess no advanced technology when they are taken here. This last batch you sent was good. Not only did they meet the requirements, but they were both in good health and the attachment was very strong…
However, somehow you failed to prevent your guards from also transporting another batch, this one not completely human, and armed with all sorts of advanced weaponry.”

“And you can’t handle them? I seem to have overestimated your capabilities.”

“No, I am taking measures to control the results of your shortcoming, but it is the principle that matters. I will “let it fly” this time, but if you do not exercise more caution in the future I will not see it as inappropriate to withhold some of the technology my part of the deal specified I give you. We have given you the components only to enable the merest spawn’s play…you have no advantage over us.”

“Wait! I thoug-”

“Thank you, Empress. That will be all.”

“I hate having to exaggerate simply to confound that stupid she-human. What progress has the batch made?”

“Your greatness, the he-human has found the she-human. She was unconscious but with the help of-”

“That detestable Union spy! How I wish she was here now…
The advanced technology she possesses is of no considerable import; it is the fact that she knows what we are and can sense us as well that makes her such a danger. It is fortuitous indeed that the he-human is so malleable. Your manipulation of him has suppressed the spy’s physical influence and prevented her from telling the he-human of us most effectively. But I have not forgotten your previous failure…”

“I apologize profusely, O Queen. I-”

“Enough. I do not hold you responsible for the Humans’ idiotic leader dropping her and her partner here, Commander, but why, exactly, were they allowed to discover our presence here? You know as well as I do that had she never seen that renegade replacer, she would never have exerted such energy to detect us since then. Our mental shielding would have barely held up, but it would have. She would have been as ignorant as the she-human is now…which is why our next move is to isolate her from the others.”

“I patiently await your command, O Queen.”

“Do you not know what to do? Have you not done it before?
Ah, but I see. This is indeed a unique occasion…two batches at once, two subjects with considerable knowledge of us, and advanced weaponry as well…
I am Queen, the only of all the castes with imagination…
Very well, listen carefully:

The he-spy is already under control. You have done well in destroying his gate-making device and confiscating his weapon; he will be stranded in hyperspace until we desire his release.
The she-spy is another matter. Despite your aforementioned successes, the only thing that separates the good batch from knowledge of us is a very thin piece of fabric…not ideal. She will have to be removed immediately, along with the he-human. Even he knows too much about us. You know, of course, that all the previous batches were wholly ignorant of us throughout their duration in our domain.
By the way, I am pleased with how you carried out my previous command to give the he-human a false image of our presence…his impression of us is of unnatural, nonsentient shapeshifters that simply replicate whatever dreams or thoughts they sense. When you remove him and the she-spy, see if-”

“Your Greatness, forgive me for interrupting, but the he-human has just killed the officer tasked with guarding the cave…the one disguised as a native invertebrate. Shall we incorporate this?”

“Yes, quickly! Place in the she-human a desire to get away from the officer as soon as possible. Make sure, at least, she turns her back. Then place a vacuum field around the officer, he-human, and she-spy to prevent her from hearing the officer unshield in death. As this happens, completely unshield the hive walls around the he-human and she-spy so they see our true structure. The he-human will realize it was us all along, and it will hopefully invoke some terror in him. A delicious but unhealthy emotion-a shame we cannot subsist upon it alone.”

“It has been done, O Queen.”

“Good. Now generate some upshoots to take the he-human and she-spy to to the holding caverns. Make sure you disarm the he-human. And if possible, try to loosen the bonds on the she-spy so she can remove her gag and finally deliver her message to the he-human…I do enjoy irony.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Hold on…why does the she-human have the bag? Aarrgh! The he-human gave it to her before we took him…no matter. Send in the two replacers as planned. Make sure both have analyzed the mannerisms of the two we have taken so they can best emulate them…we will feast well on the she-human’s “love” for her friend.”

“It has all been done! It is all as you have said. Your plans are ever flawless, O Queen.”

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