There is no doubt that many people are pursuing their career in the medical field because of the competitive pay and benefits remuneration package offered in this fields, with the outstanding increase in job opportunities for medical surgeons, specialists, medical assistants, assistant nurses which significantly promote the bright future of medical industry. Graduates from medical schools do not need to worry about the problem of unemployment after graduation.

However there are a few disadvantages as a medical assistant which might not be aware by many, as they have been superseded by its great and popular advantages which are widely known. For a fresh graduate from high school who wished to seek his career in the medical assistant field need to also consider these disadvantages and weigh them against its advantages to decide if this job is really suitable for one to pursue as a long term career.

So, let’s talk about the disadvantages as a medical assistant, shall we?

– The demand and need for qualified medical assistants and professionals are so great and scarce that they are requested to work for very long hours. Although overtime benefits do bring in attractive cash return for these additional long hours of working, nevertheless this is not healthy in the long run, especially for the family and one’s social life with health. In the long run, one may need to accommodate this long hours of working hours with the expense of his health, family, friends and community services.

– Along with the long working hours can be very stressful because as a medical assistant you need to fulfill the needs of the patients as well as the surgeons and doctors at the same time. This is especially even more critical for one who work in the emergency units or urgent care who need to be very alert most of the time considering it is some human life which you are managing. The stressful level for a medical assistant will inevitably increase over the long run.

– A medical assistant needs to be capable of multi-tasking, handling of multiple tasks and assignments at the same time. In a working environment as challenging as a medical center, hospital, as well as a pediatric clinic with so many patients to attend to everyday and the multiple instructions from the surgeons, one need to be very capable and skillful in her job.

– If you are someone who is easily sicken by the sight of blood or physical injuries, this profession may not be suitable for you. The need to handle and deals with the injured and badly hurt patients are bits and pieces of the daily working life of a medical assistant especially in the emergency accidents units.