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This video explains Top 10 Health Benefits of eating tomatoes / Nutritional facts of tomatoes.
The following includes health benefits of tomatoes.
1.Prevention of cancers-
It contains powerful antioxidants like vitamin C also other antioxidants. Tomatoes can
help combat the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer like lung and stomach.
2.High fibre diet for diabetics
Studies shows less sugar levels in Type 1 Diabetis,improved blood sugar, lipids and insulin levels in Type 2 diabetis.
3.Boosts Cardiac health.
The fiber, potassium, vitamin C and choline content in tomatoes all support heart health.

4.Helps to lower blood pressure
Lowering sodium intake and increasing pottassium intake helps for better control of Hypertension.

5.Prevention against prostrate cancers
Lycopene has been linked with prostate cancer prevention in several studies.Diets rich in beta-carotenealso hav play a protective role against prostate cancer,

6.Enhanced skin repair
The synthesis of collagen, for which vitamin C is essential.This protien
prevent skin damage caused by the sun, pollution and smoke, smooth
wrinkles and improve overall skin texture.

7.Prevents constipation
Tomotoes are high in water and fibres,which gives you better hydration,
regular bowel movements.Fibres helps in minimising the constipation
and also increase bulk of stool.

8.Better pregnancy
Tomotoes contains folic acid and is essential for pregnant women
to protect against neural tube defects in infants.

9.Low risk of colorectal cancer
High fiber intakes from fruits and vegetables are
associated with a lowered risk of colorectal cancer.

10.Prevents Depression
The folic acid content in the tomato fights against Depression.
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