I posted this awhile back, just wanted to share a EPA 2013 for NPN 1placeHM I received for this image this week. Last year I won a 2HM ,so this year who knows First place right !! 😉 Then heck I will be in the running for their POTY Award !! 😉


Sorry not posting or keeping up at all on the site, I have had a bit of a backslide health wise this winter , just to tired for photography or online anything ,other than my newly discovered love of Ebay that is !!! I have been out of control buying so many props for the spring. A girl may not be able to find the energy to clean the house or make dinner but she can always shop !!! Caitlin is so not excited but I can’t wait, capes, wigs,feathers,and so much more to inspire me for healthier days to come! 😉 Cheers

Posted by LornaTaylor on 2014-01-09 15:55:54

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