We live in a day and age when it seems like everyone is trying to get lean and fit, and the Spartans had a great grasp of proper health, but they did it in a different way. They had to, because they had to constantly be battle ready, but what’s interesting is all of the wisdom that they can share with us.

If you take any farm animal for instance, they tend to live out their lives to their fullest longevity, and are happy along the way. Why is this? well, because they only eat, drink, and get the exercise that they were meant to.

Ignorance is bliss, and yet Spartan health in those days certainly was not ignorant, because they knew the power of keeping it simple. So here’s what you can learn from them by keeping it just that – simple.

1. Understand that there are a lot of gadgets that promise total fitness, but that you can go around your house, lift heavy objects, do free-weight squats, push ups, and pull ups and other simple exercises, and still get the same results.

2. We were born knowing what we should be eating, we just break the rules. Fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are all you need to be healthy and happy. Most people make the mistake of just trying to eat right. It doesn’t work that way. You must have some activity, whether its power walking, hiking or biking.

3. Focus on combining these two. I know everyone says this and I know that it sounds so simple, but true physical fitness is just this simple. If you put in the time to build yourself a basic routine – you can do it, but you need to educate yourself a bit on what’s going to work for you.

For instance, my diet is simple. At lunch I mainly just eat a bowl of fruit, which fills me up and gives me a ton of energy. I always have a large salad every day which also is filling and tastes way better than pizza, but I still eat those things too, because I’m not afraid of them.

Extreme behavior is what crushes peoples dreams of fitness. Again, don’t modify and try out different plans, just pick one that is real, down to earth and stick with it.

Ancient cultures and tribes spent their lives studying physical fitness and endurance, because they ere passionate about it, more than we are today. As a result, they developed incredible looking bodies. You think those muscular statues of the ancient Greeks are exaggerated? think again.

Today’s society is distracting. Just as we get started with something that might work for us, we hear about something else that sounds great and chance course before we see any results.

Set up a simple routine and stick with it. Remember, 19 days of doing something can make it a habit. You can get to the point where you do this stuff on auto-pilot, without it seeming like a burden. Make training like the Spartans for health a good habit.

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