We Love our childhood memories. Cartoons are one of those,watching them make us happy If any memory hurts we wish it shouldn’t be happen to other kids 🙂
I have read on Junaid and Munnazir’s profiles,
"Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and copy & paste to your status to invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday, Dec. 6, there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is to raise awarness of violence against children. ♥"
So I have changed my Face Book profile pic to Olive first because I remember Muddasir & Mubashir my twin brothers Born on December 8, Usually called me Popeye ki bivi jaisi:D Same as Popeye’s wife (Olive) Now I have askeed Munnazir before changing my pic do you remember what they called me he says no and when I upload Olive’s pic he laughed out loud saying yeah "health wise she is like you" And they says she is thin like her and screams also like her :D:D
Sweet memories with this cartoon character. Munnazir, Muddabir and Faiza are in that set of siblings they have born, when Me, Mudasir and Mubashir were teen age . So our name calling each other they might have miss something due to born late;-)) Two one brother and a sister are in between these two sets of three woh na idhar ke na udhar ke
Second character, Dexter’s sis Dee Dee Muddasir said, " Dee Dee ki herkatin Gudu ki tarha hain" Dee Dee does thing like Guddi(my nick name) Well I know I f I want to do something NO ONE! can STOP me:D:D and I am curious too even know curiosity kills the cat;-))
So I am going to change my second cartoon Character to Dee Dee now;-))
So let me know what do you think about me which cartoon character is most likely me? :D:D Just for fun;-))


Posted by Bushra & Sons on 2010-12-06 03:21:41