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Spa gardens Oberlaa
The spa gardens Oberlaa is a park in the 10th district of Vienna Favoriten, on the southeast slope of the Laa mountain at Oberlaa. Its area is 860,000 square meters.
Horticulture monuments, path systems and artificial soil formations are listed buildings.
WIG 74 in the year of the opening
Monorail 1974
After the great success with the "Vienna International Garden Show 1964" (WIG 64) in the Danube Park in the 22nd district of Vienna (Danube City), the Vienna city council wanted another carrying out of an international horticultural show in Vienna. The former brick area on the southeastern slope of Laa Hill, which had also served as the location of monumental films of the silent era, was rounded off by buying gardening grounds and vineyards. It proved to be an ideal location for the project and the associated construction of a large green area. Already since 1969 there is a spa operation at the Oberlaa sulfur springs. After a competition that was tendered internationally and the Frankfurt landscape architect Erich Hanke 1969 could win, were formed working groups of landscape architects from different states. When planning and implementing the best designs of all projects were combined.
The "Vienna International Garden Show 1974" (WIG 74) became with 2.6 million visitors like its predecessor in the Danube Park a great success with the public. The press coverage but was partially extremely critical. A circulating in the park monorail proved to be a bad investment and had to be dismantled after a few years, an adjacent to it amusement park was from the beginning on loss-making. The rest of the park furniture proved, as in the case of the Danube Park, to have only a limited durability. In late 1974, the area of ​​the garden show was eventually converted into a public park which receives wide acclaim. Other international horticultural shows, however, were not organized in Vienna, and the trend of the following years went rather away from the maintenance (and cost) intense show green toward the nature-oriented design, such as in the zone of recreational area Wienerberg.
Plan of the spa park
The spa gardens Oberlaa is divided into various subject areas to offer visitors a variety of recreational facilities.
Allergy garden
On an "Allergy Info Mile" one can learn on the display boards mounted in front of the respective plants the different pollen flights, the distribution spaces and other botanical information.
Baroque fountain garden
This fountain garden is actually the former "German Garden of Nations", it was reactivated 2001/2002 and equipped with many partly historical fountains, a brook, perennial beds and opportunities for seating.
Flower Labyrinth
The in diameter 18 m large flower maze was created in 2004. It was modeled after that one at Hellbrunn Palace (Salzburg), however, offers only one way and does not allow decision possibilities. In Vienna, there are still similar facilities, such as a maze in the park of Schönbrunn Palace and the butterfly maze in Florarium.
Film City
In the Film City were in 1920s well known silent films of the film studio Sascha-Film shot, including the epic film Sodom and Gomorrah and the Sklavenkönigin (queen of slaves). In summer, every year these productions are staged in an open-air cinema in the spa gardens.
Stone bridge in Takasakipark
Japanese Garden
The Takasakipark was the Japanese National contribution on the occasion of the TIG 1974. It was laid out by architect Kunsaku Nakame. After the TIG many National contributions were removed, however, the city of Takasaki campaigned for reconstituting of this contribution and in the 1990s it was reconstructed under the direction of architect Tadashi Ikeda.
Garden of Love
The Garden of Love was also built on the occasion of the TIG and equipped with romantic benches, swings and arbors. All originally used metals were painted in 2001 and the garden was equipped with only white flowering summer flowers, perennials, roses and shrubs. Many wedding couples have photographed themselves here.
The Skateland
In the vicinity of the playground, the beach volleyball court and the giant swing, was built an 1800-square-meter skate area. Originally, during the TIG in 1974 and in subsequent years, this area was known as the "Moon playground".
Sculpture at Rose hill 2011
Perennial garden
The perennial garden was first built for the TIG in 1974 and refurbished in 2000. Now you can find there more than 11,500 plants from 90 different genera.
Spa park in the southern part of the area (2008)
The vast playground, inter alia, offers the ability to operate a sand digger, to drive with a child car, to roll over and over in a net, to drive over inclined bridges and to slide yourself. It was opened in 2001 as the first barrier-free playground for also offer disabled children the opportunity to be able to play like everyone else.
Petting zoo
The 2,000 m² large petting zoo is home to goats, sheep, geese, chickens, peacocks and numerous pigeons in the dovecote. Over a low fence also small children touching and petting the animals is possible.

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