Cannabis plants are in the family cannabaceae. Cannabis plants long ago when it was first discovered in China in 2737 BC serves as a treatment. During the Shen Neng empire in China, marijuana formulated as similar drinks tea and used for medicine malaria, beriberi, and rheumatism. Various diseases are treated to recover by using marijuana when it began on rheumatic disease until a stomach ache. In addition to medicine, ancient Chinese society to utilize hemp clothing woven material, and religious rituals such as funerals and worship god. Although it has benefits for some diseases, the use marijuana can not arbitrarily. Required precise dose and medical professionals in order to use marijuana obtain health benefits.

In some countries, cannabis is used for medical and industrial purposes. For example, in Florida who has a Florida medical marijuana cards, experts institution that is supported by a row of the list of medical marijuana doctors in Florida. Various research institutes of professional experts from Florida medical marijuana doctors have established that marijuana can be a powerful alternative herbal medicine and the final solution when other drugs were no longer able to handle your medical disorders.

Health is important, health is expensive, be wisely to choose an alternative treatment.

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