I don’t have good news.
Bu is still ill.
And much weaker now…

She has lost a lot of weight… just because she doesn’t want to eat, eat by herself.

It’s a vicious circle: the less she eats, the less energy she has – and the less energy she has, the less she eats…

So she must eat.
And now I have to force her to eat.

She only wants to eat when I put something in her paws, or straight into her mouth. Like an hour ago, when I fed her egg – she ate a big piece of egg, just like in her healthy days.
Immediately after eating she drops tired, and falls asleep, but still…

So I need to remind Bu that she MUST eat.

It’s so hard to believe – a week ago she was a huge plump 232 gram girl, and I wanted her to get a bit more slim for the spring…

Bu’s lymph nodes are not growing bigger – at least I think so – this is good, of course.
But so what, I just didn’t know her health would deteriorate so much..
Maybe it’s the antibiotics – they do much damage to the body, luckily she’s been off antibiotics for 2 days now.

So all I can do…
…If I manage to make her eat more, I hope she will get stronger, that’s all that matters.

Bułeczka is all that matters.


PS: if you have any ‘good food for ill hamster’ suggestion, please tell..

Posted by pyza* on 2009-04-14 19:08:20

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